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About our Silk Baselayer

Legend credits a Chinese Empress with the development of the Mulberry Silk fibre in ancient times, a time when silks were exclusive to Chinese nobility and those they chose to gift silk to. Silk rapidly became a renowned luxury fabric, and in time traders introduced it throughout Asia, Egypt, the Middle East, and Europe. Silk is one of the strongest natural fibers. Ancient warriors of China would wear a thick layer of silk fibre under their outer armour to prevent arrow and sword penetration. Our Silk Baselayer has all the same fine qualities of luxurious comfort, breathability, and warmth insulation. Whats more - silk is natural, renewable, and sustainable.

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Silk Baselayer FAQ:


frequently asked question icon What activities & situations is silk baselayer best for?

A: Silk is best suited to requirements for thin ('bulk-less') layering with a high warmth insulation value and a soft luxurious - comfortable texture. These qualities make it very suitable for a wide range of cool to cold weather activities and post activity , or work / casual layering. Some examples are:

Travel - silk's bulkless comfortable layering properties are ideal for travel, and it's lightweight packable nature makes it superb for keeping your luggage bulk & weight down.

Weekend leisure - silks thin, bulkless layering and comfort, make it ideal for leisure-wear.

Walking & hiking - our silks ability to insulate & breathe make it most comfortable for wear during moderate activity. Great for an evening base layer or lightweight sleepwear when backpacking or camping - forget about the sleeping bag liner - sleep in silk long johns instead for comfort!

Motorcycling - silks breathability, and thin bulkless layering make it ideal for wearing under leathers, gloves & boots in cool and cold weather.

Snow sport & skiing - the high insulation value of silk keeps you warmer, while it's ability to breathe keeps you more comfortable. Work - silks comfortable, bulkless & unrestrictive layering properties make it ideal for the work day whether it involves travel, meetings, or time in the office.

Sensitive skin - silks natural fibre and soft, luxurious texture make it the ideal 'go to' for many people with sensitive skin who want comfortable base-layer and sock liners.


frequently asked question icon How effective is silk as an insulating base?

A: weight for weight, silk is said to be a more effective insulator than any other natural or synthetic fibre.


frequently asked question icon How do you wash a silk baselayer?

A: All our silk baselayer can be machine washed, and dry fast.


frequently asked question icon How long will it take to receive my order?

A: We will usually dispatch the next business day. If there is likely to be any delay we will contact you. New Zealand delivery will usually be made within 1-2 days of dispatch.


frequently asked question icon Where do you ship to and how much will I pay for shipping?

A: Our shipping is set up for New Zealand wide delivery only. Tracked shipping charges for New Zealand are as follows:

Flat rate $8.50 shipping charge for any order size.


frequently asked question icon Can I return a garment I have purchased from you?

A: Yes you can - provided the garment is returned within 10 days of receipt, unused, and in new, as packaged condition, we will provide a credit for the goods, or provide an alternative size to your preference. Please do let us know in advance of sending if you wish to return a garment, so we can prepare accordingly.